Advanced Spring Design

Research & Design
A multitude of leading concerns for automotive-industry purchasing agents—reducing cost through engineering, improving fuel efficiency, enhancing passenger comfort and designing for long-term durability—can be affected by automotive springs.
Research & Design

Our History of Innovation

Backed by eight decades of spring-design innovation, NHK Spring Precision has an enviable legacy of working with automotive OEM design teams and their Tier-1 suppliers to repeatedly offer lighter, stronger, longer-lasting and better-performing automotive springs for engines, transmissions and more. It’s why our springs are trusted by many of the leading car companies in the world.

Research & Design

A Springboard for the Future

At NHK, we’re already working on the automotive springs of tomorrow today—before you ask us to supply them. We’re constantly exploring new ways to raise the standard on spring-performance—whether that be through shape, size, metallurgy or coating.

This forward ingenuity—and our manufacturing flexibility—means you have access to the very latest in spring-design concepts available today with anticipated innovations just around the corner.