• Automotive Springs with

    Serious Street Cred

    Nearly 80 years running. Internationally known.
    IATF 16949 Certified. Multiple-award winner.

  • Small Details Make for

    Big Differences

    Cost and weight reduction. Performance longevity. Many factors go into our springs, but none escapes our attention. Precision… There’s a reason it’s in our name.

  • Great History Equals

    Great Potential

    With nearly eight decades in automotive component design, NHK has come to be regarded as one of the world’s leading spring manufacturers.

  • WINNER: “Supplier Quality Excellence”

    by General Motors

    One of only 25 companies to take home GM’s prestigious Supplier Excellence Award in 2015.

  • An Exceptional Career

    at an Exceptional Company

    Want rewarding work at a dynamic company that supplies automotive components for leading brands like GM, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan and Honda?

Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, NHK Spring Precision of America provides leading car makers across North America with high-performing, long-lasting, low-cost automotive springs so dependable they’re used by stock-car racers.