The Paradox of Fast Craftsmanship

Lean Manufacturing

An old business joke says you can have it quick and cheap, but not well-made. Or cheap and well-made, but not quick. Or quick and well-made, but not cheap.

Not anymore. Because of NHK’s lean manufacturing system guided under veteran leadership, you can have craftsman-quality automotive springs more cost effectively yet still with a quick turnaround.

That’s why your most reliable cost-quality-delivery solution starts and ends with NHK Spring’s production model, which is already performing successfully for numerous other OEMs.

Lean Manufacturing

Captained by Time-Tested Managers

Any Tier-1 or Tier-2 supplier can bid low while promising you everything in terms of timeliness and quality. But when their personnel are here today, gone tomorrow, always learning on the job, their supposedly low cost ends up coming at a price.

In harmony with the Japanese culture of our parent company, the veteran management team at NHK Spring Precision of America runs a streamlined production system that enables our facility to react nimbly to your needs with points of accountability along our entire production line.

Lean Manufacturing

That Promote Proven, Cost-Efficient Systems

Based on the Japanese philosophies of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, NHK maintains a streamlined, JIT (Just-In-Time) production process that tirelessly asks how to add value, increase efficiency and cut waste without diminishing quality. Consistent with this ethos, NHK aims to:

  • Minimize inventory
  • Eliminate redundant and unnecessary labor
  • Expedite orders with clockwork consistency