Current Production Line

All NHK automotive springs are engineered to reduce weight, take up less space and contribute to superior vehicle performance.

Engine Valve Springs—Optimizing fuel efficiency and engine speed through reduced weight and perfect valve compression and return

Clutch Damper Springs—Minimizing vibration to ensure long system life

AT Return Springs—Creating seamless shifting in automatic transmissions

Arc Springs—Improving torque converters by absorbing vibration and reducing shock from the engine

Have other spring needs? NHK Spring Precision has the R&D capabilities to engineer spring solutions custom-tailored to your performance specifications.


The Assurance of Empirical Research

NHK’s laboratory investments provide a full scope of testing capabilities to meet whatever your alloy, strength and shape specifications might be.

Furthermore, our test benches provide a dynamic analysis and evaluation system. With valve springs, for example, our test benches can assess and estimate spring behavior at all engine speeds.

Ultimately, for you, these dynamic simulations mean a faster time to market plus the assurance of product that will last for millions of cycles.