A Racing Pedigree

In Our Very Coils

At NHK Spring Precision, we have nearly 80 years of spring-engineering experience to our name. That’s why we’re trusted everywhere from Daytona Beach to Main Street. Even if you aren’t the first one to the checkered flag, you know that performance matters. So for increased fuel economy, easier speed and an overall smoother, quieter ride, opt for the automotive springs that have been engineered to make a difference.
Why NHK?

Engineering Expertise Inside and Out

Given our eight-decade-long history, we’ve accumulated a wealth of analytical data, all of which we can leverage on your behalf. No matter your custom performance-specifications for shape, size, metallurgy or behavior, our engineers can provide you the research, design and prototype-testing you need to move your vehicles to market faster.

In addition to our in-house QC laboratory, we have the additional engineering support of NHK Japan for Testing, Research & Development. Together we’ll be able to provide you with sophisticated spring solutions that reduce weight, save space and optimize your vehicle’s performance.

Why NHK?

Treating Manufacturing like a Fine Art

Beyond our high-performance credibility and extensive engineering expertise, at NHK Spring Precision we’ve developed a manufacturing environment that prizes agility, accountability and innovation. To achieve such a top-to-bottom workplace culture, we’ve implemented a lean manufacturing model, a multiple-point QC system and a philosophy of continuous improvement. Add these together and you get the utmost in customer service.