Superior Quality Control

Quality Control
When pride in your workmanship combines with a culture of continuous improvement, the result is a quality-control system unlike any other. That’s how NHK Spring Precision can confidently promise the best performing automotive springs for any OEM vehicle or their Tier-1 supplier.
Quality Control

In-Process QC

NHK Spring Precision maintains key quality checks along the assembly line and throughout the entire production process. This enables production to take the most cost-efficient path to quality assurance by addressing defects immediately, before they manifest themselves in high volume, while expediting throughput to stay on schedule.

Quality Control

Improvement Is Not Optional

At NHK, innovation is everyone’s responsibility.

As part of our continuous improvement philosophy, every NHK employee—from the top brass to our machine operators to our interns—are encouraged to propose PIs (Process Improvements).

This culture of perpetual improvement is one of the main reasons NHK’s become the go-to spring supplier for the most exacting of car manufacturers.